mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

I know, it's extremely mainstream, but as some of my readers are also my friends and usually people are worried about the "new stuffs" and as my friends are people, I want to show you what I eat in a normal day of the week, while I'm in sick leave as I have some problem with my gallbladder.
As I'm at home I have time to cook and prepare food, but I'll show you my #whatieatinaday working day version.

Breakfast was around 7 am, with 2 "melba toasts" (sorry I was not able to find the translation for "fette biscottate") with home made peanut butter (made with peanuts only) and strawberry+rhubarb jam and about 200 ml of unsweetened soy milk with a little bit of coffee.

all the  Nutrition facts available are above (in German and Slovak language)

Then I went to the doctor and I took with me a bar. Lots of people start to scream when the hear bar as the majority of them are completely unhealthy, but of course this is not the case:

Ingredients: bio dates, bio almond, bio raw quinoa, bio chia seeds,  bio coconut chips, bio hemp seeds, bio agave syrup, bio lemon juice, salt.

Everything bio, everything raw, vegan gluten free, no sugar, super food... oh I love it. And it gave me the right energy to go home and prepare the lunch. Normally I try to not eat bars, even if they are great like this one, because  I prefer to eat fruits and dried fruits, but if I don't have time or I'm in hurry I eat those kind of bars and I'm perfectly ok.

For lunch I ate:

Peppers stuffed with tomatoes and onion and under those vegetable there is a piece of bread prepared by my husbands so no scums inside.
Soup with: pumpkin, onions, edamame, peas, cabbage, carrots and buckwheat noodles so I had my carbs, my proteins (peas and edamame) and my vitamins for the afternoon.

Both peppers and soup are served with  olive oil to guarantee the intake of fats.

Break, I needed something delicious so I prepared a big "pancake" by blending 1 banana, oat flour, and soy milk. Then I cooked half apple in coconut butter and added spices.

ok it's not so great to see, I'll never post it on Instagram, but was good and super healthy!

For dinner I prepared Indian food: pumpkin and cauliflower with spices and coconut milk, served with Basmati Rice.

Below my favorite canned reduced fat coconut milk (Marks&Spencer's):
Around 10 I missed something sweet, so I ate this

Normally I prefer to eat fruit before going to bed and actually yesterday I didn't have so many fruits, but I'll eat more today.
Furthermore I didn't have so many proteins, that's why I'm already cooking lots of chickpeas!

See you soon!

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