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Quinoa Spinach Potato Burgers

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Honestly I'm not a big fan of quinoa: it's too expensive and each grain is so tiny that I waste too much product around every time.
But it's a superfood (please visit this website if you don't know anything about quinoa: Quinoa superfood), it's healthy and good for our body so I try to eat it as much time as I can but every time combined with something else.
This morning I woke up very early and I felt like I need quinoa by the end of the day; I took a look into the fridge and I found few leaves of fresh spinach so I decided to prepare:

Quinoa spinach potato burgers for dinner!
(yes, it was around 11 am, but I like to be ready!)

Easy and nice to prepare, you need:
Spinach (frozen it's ok)
quinoa (I had the multi color one)

I did't write the quantity of the food, you can check in my picture to have an idea of the proportion.

First of all remember to wash everything before cooking especially quinoa. I cooked spinach with a little bit of garlic and olive oil, I steamed potatoes and cooked quinoa properly.
I mixed the three ingredients together (removing garlic), added a pinch of salt and pepper and the added the breadcrumb. I did't have the breadcrumb so I blended these crackers, they have sesame too.

I created a burger with my hands, put in oven 180° for 10 minutes one side and the 10 minutes the other side and they are ready!

Please visit my Instagram account tonight for dinner: I'll show you the entire burger with bun, vegetable and more for an amazing vegan burger!

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