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I respect the life of a cow.

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I've always believed that suffering and be tortured are worst than be killed. I mean: when I think about the dead men walking for example I can imagine their freedom after death especially if they have been tortured during imprisonment.
This is the main reason why, as I already told you in my last post, I felt ashamed and hypocrite when I was vegetarian: better killed than tortured.
Unfortunately in our Era animals are killed after a life full of tortures which is absolutely the worse than worst.

Yes, you can believe in veganism or not that's true: you can believe that eating exclusively plants is better for your body or not, but you can't deny that eating animal products means eating someone who has suffered before.
Please open your eyes and start thinking with your brain: those happy cows you see in the advertisement at the TV are not happy, they are abused every day, even for filming that advertisement!
The funnt and acting stupid funny chicken you see printed in the boxes of your favorite nuggets is someone who lives (or probability now is dead) not a cartoon!
As the animal condition is really something you can't deny because it'sis in front of your eyes, then let's talk about it. 

Today I want to talk about the conditions in which cows live in the cow breeding farms.
I'll not show you strong and disturbing images as I feel very bad every time I see something like that, but I made for you some research in the Internet to help you to understand better the situation of the animals in the
breeding farms
and so on, please digit cow condition in breeding farms on Google for more articles about it.

Believe me: until 3 years ago I was sure 100% that cows produce milk automatically (?!?!?!?). And I used to live in the country so... Really... How stupid was I?
Mammalians do not produce milk automatically but they must be pregnant first! Sounds banal, but I'm quite sure lots of people around me think cows-sheeps-goats as milk producing robot. Not true.
A cow must be pregnant, then after 9 months she gives birth, but the puppy is taken from her (can you imagine a mother tired after the childbirth and a pregnancy without love and care and attention from someone and then staying without her son?) and she is used and abused just to produce every day milk which originally was for the baby, but now is for you, in your table in the form of a cheese?
And then, when she stops to produce milk, another pregnancy, another baby stolen.
And if the baby is a a male then is killed at the age of 6 months to give the white light meat so tender and tasty and/or his skin is used to create your shoes and your bags, so soft and luxury. But he is lucky, believe me. Because if the baby is a female she will be abused and tortured for some years to produce the milk that industries need to create the yogurt you need poo (when for that you just need to eat more veggies and fruits).

Stop thinking about happy cows: there is nothing happy in a life of a cow. May be you think that animals have no feelings? Have you ever heard the cry of a cow when her puppy is taken from her?
Make a research and listen.
This is pure violence and even if you think that eating beef is good for your body, that drinking milk makes your bones strongest, that eating yogurt is good for your intestinal flora because advertisement convinced you, how can you sleep easily and look at your face at the mirror every morning if you know that those products have been produced after lots of suffering and pain and horrible deaths?

You have no excuses now: you know, you saw, you listened and this is not something you can believe or not, it's something true which happens every day.
So you have a choice: keep eating suffering and pain of an animal giving you excuses (like it's good for your body, I like them, it's easy to prepare) or quit eating animal products and live in peace with yourself and with the creatures around you.

Let's assume that eating animal products is good for you body: are you really so selfish to want the pain and suffering of another creature in order to avoid the "likely" (as this is not sure) pain? And do you think you are better than a cow? Better in what? Do you think you are a God and you can choose to live by killing other creatures without any consequences?
Probably you don't believe that cows are creature? Really?

Yes, until 1 month ago I used to eat animal products but then I made a choice: to quit eating suffering violence and pain.
And yes it's something to believe, like a religion, but while there are no visible proof of the existence of Gods, there are tons of proofs regarding the violence on animals.
No excuses: you have a choice.

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