lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

Me 5 months as Vegan. Today.

Posted by La Lau On 08:33 | 2 comments
Lots of people still ask me: but why are you Vegan? And they continue: you must eat meat, milk is good for your body, your body needs all the vitamins you can find only in animal products...
Honestly, even if all those lies were true, I don't care: I prefer to be sick, weak and to die instead of feeding my body with death and suffering.

Why am I vegan?
Watch this documentary and if you'll be able to watch it until the end, then I'll ask you: why do you still eat animal products?

Open your eyes (and your ears)

You could believe at those lies they tell you to convince you to eat animal products; you could believe to yourself when you say that "meat has a great taste, cheese tastes like heaven" but you can't deny all the suffering and pain seen on this documentary.
Fork over knives or Cowspiracy are great documentaries, but regarding those you are allowed to say "well, it's only one side of the coin"; when you see Earthilings... oh just see it. I'll not add anything more.