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Another Vegan Blog

Posted by La Lau On 01:31 | 2 comments
Hi everyone and YES, this is another vegan blog.
But before talking about the blog, let me introduce myself: as most of you probably already know because of my previous blog, my InstraGram account and so on, my name is Laura, I'm Italian (so please forgive my mistakes with the English language), but I live in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I like living healthy and healthy lifestyle and I also like cooking and then eating; I adore Indian food, spices, but also traditional Italian food and the key of the success in my diet is taking those traditional Italian foods or Indian-Thai-Chinese recipes and try to reduce the bad fats and calories in order to keep the same great taste, but absolutely guilty free.
Additionally, as you probably understand from the blog title, I'm vegan but I'm quite new in this choice.

Let me tell you briefly about my diet story:
after pregnancy I gained 15 kg so I decided to start Dukan diet: lot of animal proteins, low fats, low carbs. In 3 months I lose 15 kg, then I was completely sick of eating meat and fish and I became vegetarian. Of course my choice was not related exclusively about the sickness of eating animal proteins but I started to read about nutrition, diets, veganism, alternative diets and furthermore I felt very bad thinking that "I'm eating someone and not something". Animals have a soul, emotions, feelings: they suffer, feel pain, they are sad or happy; sometimes I took a look at my dogs and taught: why dogs NO and pigs YES? I'm not an extremist, I'm not the kind of person who likes to hug cows or pigs, I'm quite fussy and scared about animals but this doesn't mean that I have to eat them.
During my vegetarian period I felt hypocrite because I still ate cheese and cream and dairy products: how can I feel good with myself by avoid eating meat when I think that million and million of cows-sheeps-goats in the world are suffering right now because their baby are taken just to provide their milk to human beings? and they are forced to live in jail to give the products of their body to us when WE DON'T NEED them!
But I still was weak: I used to like feta, gorgonzola, asiago, ice cream, wipped cream, greek yogurt and I was not able to say NO. In the same period I was suffering from acne in my face, I tried tons of cosmetic products but nothing worked; then I tried to quit diary products as I red an article somewhere about the relationship between acne and cow milk and the acne disappeared; then I wanted to verify my theory and I started to eat/drink diary again and acne came back so I quit dairy products to have a beautiful and bright skin, but not completely: sometimes I allowed to myself some ice creams and small pieces of cheese because as I didn't eat meat, what else can I eat if can't eat diary also? (ironic question of course)
Last year I started to gain weigh again without any reason and I was scared, oh yes I was SCARED because I didn't want to; so I began to eat meat again, but only chicken and fish and sometimes beef. Can you believe me if I say that when after almost 2 years of vegetarianism I ate my first chicken breast crying? Yes I cried because I felt ashamed of myself, I felt selfish and stupid, but I kept eating meat and felt ashamed every time until my 39th birthday when I decided to make me a gift and quit all the animal products in my diet.
In my Instagram description is written "Vegan in training" because it's less than 1 month but do you believe me if I say that it was the most amazing month in my life regarding feeding? I love all the things that I eat, I don't feel guilty (only sometimes when I eat chips as I'm crazy for chips in bag ç_ç), I've started to eat lots of different kind of foods, never tried before, I can eat TONS of fruit, I prepare ice cream by myself, biscuits, cakes!! I put coconut milk everywhere, completely in love with coconut milk (the canned one, I mean). I get my proteins from legumes (usually I didn't eat so much legumes because, you know, if you eat them combined with meat or cheese it's a mess inside your stomach), from tofu (you don't like tofu, don't you? Me neither, alone it's awful! But have you ever tried tofu and zucchini with coconut milk? Coconut milk is too fat for your diet? Our body needs fats, the good fats and coconut milk is a good fat so.. enjoy!)
But this morning after an medical examination I had a bad news, ok, not SO bad, but quite bad: I have a stone in my gallbladder: almost 3 years ago I've started to suffer occasionally from stomachache, but was not so often; slowly the pain came often and often until last Tuesday when I woke up early in the morning and I started to feel pain but the pain was so strong during the day that I was forced to go to the hospital. Today, after one week, I did the examination and they discovered a stone, 1.7 cm in the gallbladder. It's not so bad, but why I'm talking about this right here, right now, in this context?
Because some of the causes related with this disease are due to my diet choices: Dukan diet first, then low fat and low carb diets later. It's not a big issue, but It sucks.

So, what's the point right now?
When I've started to think about the creation of a new blog, where I could talk about my vegan choice I said "Another one? There are so many other blogs about this, it's so boring to have another one with the same topic!" Honestly I don't care because the purpose of this blog, like all the other ones about veganism, is to inform you that you can choose: we have the choice to live better, to eat better and without any kind of violence.
Again: we don't need animal products, even if you think that we need and I don't care if you think that we need them because the doctor said "eat meat for iron, drink milk for calcium" and bullshits like that. Oh no, I'm not a nutritionist, I'm not a doctor, I don't have a degree in alimentation (?!?!) how is it called or something like that and I'm happy that I don't have it because I can think with my brain and make the right choices for myself, read all the kind of books that I want and take the right direction guided just by myself.

So I'm not here to tell you to change your ideas regarding foods but just to inform you that:
 you can change your habits and feel better with yourself and with all the creatures around  you.

Furthermore you have an additional choice: to follow this blog by using the button here somewhere around or not or to de-follow the blog if you already followed it, it's up to you. If you don't like the topic, if you don't want to change your habits because you are too lazy (or close minded), if you are not ready to be shocked by some of the words or images that I'll post in order to reveal the truth please leave it and don't be annoying. Last but not least: if you don't like me I don't don't like you so pà pà.
I have a weird conception of life and society in general so be ready to read lots of things you'll not like.

PS: at the moment the template of the blog is awful, be patient, it will be better, I promise!!!

2 commenti:

  1. Hi! So happy to see you again :)
    I hope you will share some recipes, it's interesting.
    I've started changing my diet almost 1 year and a half ago. I have given up meat, but still eat fish and eggs from time to time. I strongly reduced cheese too, I am eating it almost only on pizza at the moment. As far as milk is concerned, it's being the hardest part for me until now: I turned to milkless ice cream and bakery, but I am still tempted by a good cappuccino.
    Like you, I also read a lot about eating habits and I was particularly impressed by The China Study and Prof. Berrino conventions, this is why I made up my mind for a change. It is taking time and it is being slow, but I trust these first steps to go further :)

  2. Lau!! conosci un po' le mie abitudini alimentari, sono molto varie, e apprezzo anche la cucina vegana. Mi piace perchè personalemnte mi permette di seguire una dieta più equilibrata, composta da molti vegetali, legumi e cereali che io adoro. Fortunatamente ho un discount sotto casa ben fornito di prodotti vegani, con ingredienti accettabili e pochi conservanti ed anche molto economici rispetto a quelli venduti nei famosi supermercati. E così posso mangiare anche proteine più buone rispetto a quelle della carne. Ma alla carne però non rinuncio, diciamo che ne mangio molto meno, ecco.
    Mi piace questo spazio nuovo che hai aperto e mi interessa molto il tuo punto di vista, nonchè le tue proposte culinarie!!

    A presto